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avery >> embarcadero from washington street northward, avoid. >> it will take awhile for to us get through traffic. >> tomorrow won't be like this. >> this is crazy but we'll take public transportation. >> giant play off game just one
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of many events turning this weekend into traffic mess for the city of san francisco. big event big crowd. 1 million visitors expected to kilometer into the city this wednesday. america's cup. world series. along the embarcadero hardly strictly blue grass festival in golden gate park. giants have my off games at 6:30 p.m. both saturday and sunday. lus the castro street fair and ilian heritage parade on sunday and that doesn't even include fleet week. >> that's always a thrill. blue angel practicing over san francisco this afternoon for the show this weekend. 7 news with a look at all of the hoopla going on around here. wayne? >>reporter: all right san francisco. are you ready? >> ready for what? >>reporter: if she really needs to know. she should ask george. >> i have fleet week. i have
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the boat race on sunday. fr frainers playing sunday. i have the giants playing saturday and sunday. i got bieber playing saturday. i got madonna playing saturday and sunday. tive the ucla playing cal. >>reporter: in short estimated 1 million people trying to get from point a to b and then maybe c or d. >> million people that's what i heard. >>reporter: minus one. >> that would be me. >>reporter: here for ships. planes. one of 2 baseball teams with high flying hopes and britly painted fans. >> it's like a rally pumped up for the post season. >>reporter: not the post season blue unless they include and are confined to blue grass music in golden gate park. the festival will draw in an estimated 200,000 hear some 90 acts in the next three days. actually 91 acts. program doesn't include this
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group. the string band inhave have inited themselves. >> we met on the road or rail. >>reporter: could you get discovered at an event like this. >> would i hope so. >>reporter: concert finished 7:00 o'clock tonht and resumes tomorrow and then continues on sunday. in golden gate park, abc 7 news. so much going on not just san francisco that is seeing a lot of foot traffic. arts entertainment event in the city including film short created as hobby by employee of pixar in emeryville. and there's more happening. justin bieber peorms at oracle arena tomorr nit. monnalays hp pa lle i don't kn 2 nights. c sanford bo homecoming events and then the mill valley film festival as well. >> bart and muni boot boosting service this weend. see i
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on tv we ve intacti map seval of eig eves in san francio. just cli on the one at youre going to anshow h to t there usi public transportation. again, if you do have to drive this traffic app can guide you around the grid lock. down load it on our web site. it's a useful tool for you. >> talking about driving aroun around. expensive these days. gas prisons jumping 8 cents. now it h surgednoth 20 centsince tn.average price for gd of regular in san fransco climbed to 4.60 this morning. oakland average hit 4.52 and san jose hit 4.54. well no one likes the hike of course. >> outrageous. killing me. killing me. they go up and they go down. what are you going to do mping0 dollars and it'snly for a day.
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>>reporter: price hike is blamed on the fire at the she have respect refinery and outage at ex open refinery in southern california and problem with pipeline that brings crude oil into some of the refinery. now california doesn't have the cleanest gas in the country but comes at a price. today an ornization reprenting indepeent gas atio made a movehat cou he brght praise down for everyone. annette is in sacramento tonight with the story. >> to bring down high gasoline prices the association here which represents independent station operators had a waiver with state regulator asking they be able to send winter blend fuel now. the annual switch from the more complicated summer formula to the easier and faster to make winter blend doesn't officially happen until october 30. >> allowing winter gasoline to be used sooner california will certainly provide additional supply very quickly and that
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would help the prices. >>reporter: but the wheels of government run slowly. u.s. epa rarely grants state waiver. last one granted was after hurricane katrina. because california has special restriction to ensure we have the cleanest gasoline in the world the state must sign off first. >> we have another layer of government activity that has to take place legally. >>reporter: as painful as the prices are not everyone thinks california should switch to winter blend so soon when temperatures can still be on the high side. just this week parts of the state suffered through a heat wave when summer fuel help fight off health damaging plugs. >> cleaner burning gasoline are california gasoline is a key control measure. cuts the emission that cause smog and send people to hospitals and emergency rooms. >> with the exxon mobile toerns refinery back on line supply should incree. holesale praise dropped up to 50 cents. won't be reflected at the pump
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until next week so expect prisons to stay hay for few more days. california needs to expand infrastructure. build more refinery. pipeline. storage. but that is not as easy as it seems. >> the difficulty is that californians generally love their environment and they don't want to have facilities that they perceive to be degrading that environment. on the other hand they want to have cheap gas. so this the is a conflict. >>reporter: there is no time line to make a decision on that state waiver. state regulators have had the request now for three days. in sacramento, abc 7 news. and then there is this. gas stealing. police sacramento suburb of roseville looking for gasoline thieves who struck 2 stations taking nearly 1,000 gallons. >> now bricking news san jose just coming into the newsroom. car hit a pedestrians on highy 87. is is a le picture of the scene. highway patrol says the pedestrians sadly has died. we don't know
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yet why he or she was on the roadway. we'll track it down and bring you latest information as soon as we can get it. but again pedestrians hit and killed on highway 87 as you look leif now at the scene in san jose. volleyball coach at this school in lafayette was arrested today after being accused of having an inappropriate sexual latiship witfemale student. 2-year-old niclas put adminisative leave by the district after they learned about this year long relationship. school officials thalled police wh arrested him wiou incidt. o ne to hayward where police are invtigating an officer involved somewhating that left a man dead. it happened just before noon near the intersection of brim brier gate, brier gateway and vanderbilt street in residential neighborhood. more on the story from nick smith. >> i hear shots fired a lot but not seen this kind of police response before. >>reporter: hayward police
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working through the chain of events that led to officer shooting and killing a man. >> all i heard was 4 shots fired and it was really, really close. wasn't muscled like it normally is. >> i came right around the block and whoa. what the heck is going on. >>reporter: metallic clang of gunfire rang out befe noon causingurious redents to come out of the homes to see what all the commotion was casings litter the ground and police tape stretches across the neighborhood park. popular with children. >> this is spooky. too close to home. >>reporter: just before 12 a hayward police officer spotted this parked car at the intersection of brier gateway and vanderbilt street. investigators say that after the officer ran a license plate check information came back listing the car as stolen. sue johnson heard the shots being fired and didn't know what to do. >> one of those things where should i call the police or did somebody else call so i didn't do anything. >>reporter: she at any time need to. police were already on the scene. the officer approached the man who was alone in the car and ordered
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him repeat he hadly to show his hand. according to investigators the man ignored the orders and then made a move that forced the officer to pull his weapon and open fire. >> the suspect didn't coly with his orders. the suspect then reached for a weapon. at that point the officer fearing that the suspect was arming himself was forced to use lethal force. >>reporter: hayward police have not identified the victim but have confirmed that their suspect died fm his wound after arriving at the medical center. nobody else injured and tree view elementary school nearby was in session at the time. after shots were fired there was a lock down ordered given as precaution. that lock down only lasted 15 minutes. >> i have been here for quite a while and very peaceful. everyby sa hi toach other. if walking down the street. it's just it's shocking. >>reporter: that's nick smith report judging more to come on very busy friday night. just ahead two teenagers are shot. one killed. ill-fated attempt to stop a restaurant robbery.
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man opens fire. vigilante or good samaritan? 7 news exclusive. we have surveil's video that shows you how you and your smart phone could become targets on san francisco muni system. >> big events. big activities show what you kind of weather to expect in my accu-weatr forecast come up. >> later tonight. california campaign commercial pulled off the air in part because of the the a[ male announcer ] of the citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> in florida at least 50 people sen to the hospital today after a massive pile up involving as many as 50 cars. this is in saratoga county on the west side of the state. authorities are not sure how this accident started but they say that the lanes are slick with moisture. look at the pile up. at least 2 people are seriously injured. 29 have been taken to the hospital for full treatment. amazing. >> well armed robbery last night in salinas ended with two robbers shot. one killed. tonight police calling the man who opened fire a good samaritan. we explain why. >> the employee at this restaurant being held up at gun point when police say a
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36-year-old man in the parking lot who knew one of the employees came to their rescue. was concerned for the safety. as a resu of that he removed his legally possessed firearm from his vehicle. entered the business with the loaded firearm and reacted to the threat. >>reporter: police say in the businessman opened fire on two, 17-year-old robbers. police are not saying how many shots were fired only if any words were exchanged first. the 2 robbers fled and ended up at local hospital. one of the teenagers died. the other is in critical condition. police are describing the man who fired the shots as a good samaritan. and the city mayor says that phrase is appropriat appropriate. >> technically i think it's a good choice of word. describes exactly what happened. somebody chose to get involved. >>reporter: one of the women held up and didn't want to appear on camp are told me she was terrified when the robbers pointed a gun at her. loyal customers say the man who thwarted the initial crime did the right thing of. >> he did have a way to protect himself he felt that people
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were threat end and he needed to take matters into his own hand and so he did a good thing i think. >>reporter: police have lacked at surveillance video of the incident. investigators say the shooting appears justified and message to criminals is clear. >> there are consequences to our actions and sadly does sometimes end in death. >>reporter: the entire case will be reviewed by the district attorney. in is a leap as, abc 7 news. >> man in southern california is charged wth stealing nearly 3 million dollars in vintage wine from his client. he ran a business where people could store their wine in storage lockers at controlled temperature. pros cawtors say that he went into the locker of several different owners and switched their bottles for cheaper wines. >> in other news around the west. amazon says they will spend more than 1 billion dollars to buy a seattle corporate headquarters. this purchase will be the biggest commercial real estate deal this year for a single property.
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>> and lacking at the coast guard inspecting a 16 foot 65 for radiation. fishermen found the boat and brought it to in to honolulu. it was swept out to sea by last year tsunami in sky pan. isn't that wild stuff? brought it in. spencer here with the weekend forecast. the weather is nice sadly just nothing going on. >> you a right. not a thing. so boring. we have one of the biggest weekends ever. everything happening at once. how about the live view from our high definition roof top camera at abc 7 of the buildings at embarcadero center displaying the giants. early halloween one or the other. live doppler 7 hd. we have got quite a bit of cloud moving from the coast into the inland area tonight but lots of brick and clear sky as well. just a mix of clouds and clear sky around the bay area and very pleasantly mild conditions. temperatures are in the low 60's all over the bay area with
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the exception of santa rosa which comes in at cool 57 degrees right now. these are our forecast features. it will become mostly cloudy overnight but then the cloud will thin out tomorrow mix of sun clouds daytime hours over the weekend and slight chance of showers very, very slight on monday and tuesday. on we good to tonight low. we see again cal clouds movingn. rather far inland as aatter of fact. wi spread. low temperature mainly in the mid 50's although at cooler in the north bay valley low drop into the upper fritz inome spots like santa rosa expected to have a low of 49. now satellite radar composite image shows us upper level low well offshore. looking at the system a couple days now. not ready to make a move yet. our forecast animation at 11:00 o'clock tonight. into the weekend we good. mix of cloud sun and mild for the weekend but then on monday the low makes a run in our direction and monday tuesday there is a chance of some isolated light wide spread showers by the low
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pressure system but for tomorrow no showers in sight. few cloud lots of sun. high pressure in the low to mid 70' 70's. 73 at san jose. 72 santa clara. on the peninsula lack for high of 68. san mateo 70 menlo park and redwood city. 72 mount view mid 60 on the coastacifica and a half moonbay. pretty mild coastal temperatures tomorrow. 55 downtown san francisco. 62 sunset district. north bay we see high mainly in the low 70's up to mid 70's at calistoga and over at clover dale 73. east bay high tomorrow at 68 in oak land. 70 san leandro. 71 union city. east bay milder but not much. mainly mid 70's. 76 at liveoreand monterey bay high mainly upper 60's interthe bay and low to mid 70's inland. morgan hill and gilroy. holster morgan hill and gilroy. accu-weather 7 ke fecast. e'l e a steady ptern onlanhigh
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mid 70's through the entire 7 day period and we see upper 60's to 70 around the bay and low 60's on the coast possibly some light isolated showers monday tuesday now item not too late to win 45,000 dollars from abc. these people are taking the chance. linda w of burlingame. s josend sa frcisco her allnter rough r faceok page. the winner will be announced right after the 49ers game here on abc 7 october 18. you can enter too. just go to face abc 7 news and click the win 49,000 dollar for all the details. eligible or click it right now if we coy. over and over again. good idea. >> good idea is that thanks very much. >> coming up from fighting for our country to fighting to find work. battle made easier. that's next. stay with us. 7 you.l
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>> we want to see your post season plaoff pride-mail giants and a's fanhoto like this one to you report at kg o we'll show some on the air throughout the play offs like now and share them at slash abc 7 news. so send them in. we would love to share the photo and enthusiasim about the play offs. >> well as you know the bay area is wounded by wine countr country. hundreds of small and large winery producing award winning wine. but none do it quite like this one. it's called valor winery and the slogan is this. wine made with honor courage and bravery. tim has the story now from livermore. >>reporter: livermore valley is home to huge wineries with grounds and if a title meant to
9:25 pm
be tourist attraction as well. that's not exactly the description for valor winery. valor is run by 27-year-old former marine who puts out about 3000 cases a year. this will become a can i anti- >> i fell in love with wine making and great -- grape pruning and driving tractor and the fun dirty work out there in the field. >>reporter: but josh isn't just satisfyinghat love. in 5 ars he's also put 53 other veterans to work he full-time and part-time beuse he kns thosmen need wk and need some one who understands the lingering effects of war. josh himself was shot stabbed and suffered hearing loss after a roadside bomb danieled his vehicle. >> i have had wives e-mail me and come to me and say thank you for what you are doing. my husband or boyfriend comes home at night. he'tired. he's not angryny more. he ee at tonight. so you know when i
9:26 pm
hear that then that tells me i'm doing my job. >>reporter: gordon was in the army in the mid 80's but had his struggle as well. >> went through hard times. foreclose on home and had to move on. i moved out here to livermore. i was blessed to find josh. >>reporter: winery lobby contains metal and photo from iraq to history of the marine corps alongside a book on making wine. josh not only puts vets to work, he encourages them to drop in and ask for help on getting benefits issue settled. he corrects me when i refer to him as annex marine. >> i'm sergeant in the united states marin corps. tm just serving a different uniform. >>reporter: in livermore, tim daly news 3. well because it's a tiny winery another only open for tasting the fst weekend of each month a tis is of ursehe fst wkend of october. tomorrow and sunday valor open for business if you would like to check them out. >> more to come here tonight.
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just ahead. the surprising new jobless numbers that took some of the wind out of the sails of mitt romney presidential campaign. >> also. these numbers don't smell rit. >> big drop in unemployment just spurs talk of conspiracy theory. tonight tracking down the people who punch those numbers. >> and this guy is 26 handicap. he couldn't. unbelievable. >> 150 foot putt. record setting athlete adds another
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>> pay attention. cell phone robbery are becoming an epidemic. we have to watch ourselves out there. san francisco police will tell you it is happening everywhere these days on the street at gun point and on muni buses. as
9:31 pm
for how bad cell phone thefts have become this is last tonight incident report. of the 7 incidents, 3 were actually robbery of cell phone phones. we have some exclusive video to show you how easy it is for thieves to steal them. vick lee tonight with a story you will see only on abc 7 new news. >> more than 4000 robbery in san francisco between january and august. police say about half of them targeted cell phones. many of the thefts were on muni. >> palm are swea. he brushes his pants. >> officer carlos haseen a lotf the muni security camera videos. he showed several of them exclusively to abc 7 news. >> checking doort again making sure it has to be clear. he doesn't want to, her or anybody to stop him. >>reporter: woman in the bottom of the screen has been preoccupied with her smart phone the entire trip. thief will steal it sitting right
9:32 pm
behind her keeping close eye on surroundings and the l prize. >> lacking at the door. nothing will get in hads his way looking at her phone. she's oblivious. >>reporter: bus about to stop. robber getting ready. watch carefully because it happens quickly. he snatches the phone from her hand and runs off the bus. here it is again. the whole thing happens in a split second. >> you should be looking up every single time the bus business to come to complete stop. >>reporter: some robber are even more brazen. check this one out. he's dressed in a black hoodie standing by the door. the woman who is about to become a victim is wearing a white knit cap. she's talking on her cell phone. officer says the m o is almost always the same. he snatches the phone. right out of her hand. even as she is talking. the officer says it's easy to prevent become ago victim. >> just take a moment. stop for a second and look around.
9:33 pm
see who is around you standing by you. >>reporter: muni riders crystal walked by our van as we were editing the story. we showed her the video. her reaction? >> what do you think of the video. >> that is shocking. i cn't evenelie it's so ft. do tha althe ti. sittg theuni >>repoer: o do a lot otr peop w saw do this thmuni as we rolled the bus. the video were one man job but police say they are noticing a new m o where the robber assisted by one or 2 others. when he steals the phone the friends posing as passengers block the victim or anybody else from getting to him. be aware of your surroundings bottom lane. 7 news. >> unbelievable. >> 0upon the of proposition 37 have been forced to reshoot one of the television add. feature a man named henry miller originally identified in the ad as doctor a stanford but he's rely a rearchert a think
9:34 pm
tank at stanford. it prohibits using stanford name for political purposes and the school insisted they reshoot the commercial without stanford building in the background. as for the proposition if 37 passes it would require the labeling of genetically engineered foods. >> new unemployment numbers out today took some of the wind out of the sales of mitt romney presidential campaign. numbers show that businesses created 114,000 new jobs around the country last month. up employment rate is the best it has been in 4 years. 7. 8%. now this number really changes the political conversation as we inch toward the election from the presidential debate performance to the improving economy now. more on that from mark matthews. >> good morning. >>reporter: in san francisco one sign of improving economy. shoppers line up around the block for the opening of clothing story. i feel in lick
9:35 pm
we have picked up. economy itself. but i d't kw. don't ow irest of e cotry. >>reporter lor departmt atistics she thees of the couny islso im prong 11 11000 w jobs added in septber. revised number for july and august show 86,000 more jobs than originally reported. taking away a favorite line of mitt romney stump speech. >> we have had 43 state months of unemployment above 8%. >>reporter: romney support remembers now questioning the new labor numbers. >> i wouldn't bet my more than on the numbers being correct that's for sure. >>reporter: the fact the esidenttravel rating climbing since the convention suggest that people feel more hopeful. >> this is a sign of the economy is boosting. >> it will get better. stabilizing. >> he has been selling nours on union square for squix years and not a experter of president obama but he does see what is happening on the street. >> worst is or. >>reporter: the president the new numbers shift aattention ayfrom lack luster
9:36 pm
performance and positive news on what is the single biggest issue in the election. >> more americans enter the work force. more people getting jobs. >>reporter: outside this store carpenter dan says jobs may low wage. may part-time. but at least they are there. >> it's slowly coming back. will take a couple more years. >>reporter: presidential election we have seen it's the direction of the economy that moves voters and there is one more reporting period before election day, october numbers will be out november the second. 4 days before the election. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. there are questions abou those new jonumbers ansome pele haveven suggested conspira theies. jothan karlpent the day tracking down the pple who crch the unemployment numbers. >> as soon as the new 7. 8% unemployment rate announced limbaugh and other conservative said the white house had cooked the book. even jack welch the former ceo of ge accused the
9:37 pm
president of change the numbers on twitter. >> i tell you these numbers don't smell right when you think about where the economy is right now. >>reporter: labor department called the allegations ludicrous. we went directly to the place where it's all done. this vast government building couple miles from the white house houses labor department bureau of labor statistics. bls has been tabulang the monthlunemployment rate for re tn years. al based on survey conducted in person over the phone of 60,000 households every month. here is where the numbers get crunched. amid the sea of high wall cubicle inside each one economist sworn to secrecy and working on specific aspect of employment survey. >>reporter: tom is in charge here. he's worked at b almost s since the reagan was president. he introduced us to the economist who actually wrote this morning unemployment rate announcement. how much of a secret is that number before you put it out?
9:38 pm
you can't call me up and tell me what the number is going to be. >> i can't tell anyone. it's complete secret. >>reporter: before the release they are literally sworn to secrecy. white house doesn't see their work until it's done. tl nobody keeps the north a safe in his office. >> you have been working here more than 30 years. have you ever had a situation or heard of a situation where somebody at the white house called and said can you move the a number a little bit. >> absolutely not. never happened. >>reporter: could it happen. >> a lot of people would be leaving this building. it would not happen. >>reporter: abc news washington into very interesting. today the american enterprise institute conservative think tank dismissed suggestions that the white house interfered with the unemployment numbers saying talk like that should quote be confined to crazy town. >> front-line of the mommy war. coming up. blogger who wants parents to stop talking about their kids.
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you're betr at hkey.l subpoena. >> days before a planned protest officials at the pueblo supermarket chain training to calm fear of immigration audit. the grocer operates 21 stores. department of heland security lnch audit of the store augt over rpos of legaimmigrt wkers. it's checking work documents. company officials say it is the cost of doing business. >> government may raise more fear about some people. company hopes they don't lose one person. if they lose one person from an audit somewhere down the road they want everyone to come back if atus retained. >> since the audit started the company has switched to vir if i system for new hire only. union trying to organize workers here will try to
9:43 pm
organize a boycott beginning monday because the company refuses to sign a labor agreement. >> all right. now to the latest chapter in parenting wars. blogger has become an internet star by taking on parents who just can't stop brag about their kids. we have the story. >>reporter: it's the blog that has mommy everywhere up in arm arms. it's stirring up quite a debate about the growing trend of over shari parental experiences on social media w knowitesplayfuy dubbed over parenting. endless chatter and picture on social immediate why from the mom world of potty training over parenting was lampoon in the movie what to expect when xichlingt i didn't get the glo glow. i just got backache. >>reporter: 30-year-old new new yorker blair launched the site in 2009 place for people to vent frustration and share
9:44 pm
some laughs over tmi related parenting post like misplaced kid poop. detailed delivery room update. and photo you may think are cute. but mate not be meant for the whole world to see. blog generates a whopping 1.5 million ge view a moh. t get this. thwoman behind the site isn't even a mom. >> i do think she's a bit harsh in crossing the license in taking these comments out of the context in which they were made within the community that they were made. >>reporter: thursday she appeared on the lake show to defend her blog. >> i don't want to poke fun at any one particular person but highlighting what i am seeing. >>reporter: she told us when we don't edit ourselves we start drifting from sharing into over sharing. sometimes particularly on social media less is more. some people understand where she is coming from. >> i'm sick of it. post something useful or informativ informative. just which is not to see it.
9:45 pm
>>reporter: etiquette of parenting through the lens of social media is still up for debate. >> a lot of what you see in the the parenting community are people that are sharing experiences that help them how to deal with them. there are times when the gross stories can actually have relevance. >>reporter: this is abc news new york. >> it goes on. some parts of the country getting the first snow of the season. we show you where next. plus we update our forecast as you look live back at the as you look live back at the city. no snow around
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>> the drivers faced early this morning in denver. two days after temperatures climbed into the 80's a light snow fell over the area. by midmorning cars everywhere were covered with snow. look at that. even more
9:49 pm
snow in minnesota. early october right. two days ago the area was so hot and dry there were grass fires. today the national weather service issued a winter storm warning. some schools even cancelled classes. and in chicago this weekend temperatures are predicted to be only in the high 30's with possibility of ice pellet and snow flurry. just perfect as you can imagine for the city annual marathon. >> around here pretty nice. spencer is back with the forecast. >> no ice or snow flurry here. timeapseiew this afternoon from ourigh dinitio motainam camerlooking at oceabeach highloudand medium levellouds and low clouds manufactung through the sky but basically lots of blue. pleasant afternoon and pleasant afternoon tomorrow. see clouds in the early morning hours. by afternoon mostly sunny. high pressure ranging from mid 60's at the coast to mid 70's inland and here's the day planner a lot going on this weekend. for tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. through the afternoon hours we see mainly
9:50 pm
sunny ses. good view of the blue angel during the aerial maneuver tomorrow. also the america's cup races in the afternoon. even into the evening hours nice and mild. at&t park tomorrow evening the giants take on the reds. game one of the national league play off series. 6:30. partly cloudy skies. mild temperature reading of 61 degrees. accu-weather 7 day forecast we have nice steady pattern through the entire 7 day period. mild pleasant but chance of light isolated showers monday tuesday. not very wet. not very width spread but couldp had a. >> not bad. >> sports director is here. >> remember replacement refs erybodklai re p in baselletting ht toght. >> weeed to reacement guy fr fooallnd them and report them to the baseball play offs. excitement of a one game play off. great idea. until umpire botched call end
9:51 pm
until umpire botched call end up being huge
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. getting into san francisco this weekend as we talked about could be a challenge. finding a place to pa almost impossible. howo nd a spot that is legal. and the a's play off games sold out. how fans are demanding seats now covered with tarp be made available. those stories and more coming up 7 news at 11. hope you join us then. larry is here with another baseball story today and some unhappy fans. >> well this is just, it can't happen. >> especially in play offs. >> this is just a mess. baseball first ever one game wild card play off ended up being played under protest and you saw the shot earlier. fans throwing junk on the field in anger in the cardinal braves game. start out nice calm former president carter on hand in atlanta. scoreless in the second. st. louis catcher drills it keep to right. hayward battling the sun and goes up. and what a catch. against the wall. 6 foot 5 sew
9:55 pm
can extend. top of the sixth. former a holiday solo bomb off chris who never loses and 4-2. controversy eighth inning. routine play ball. pete and holiday no communition drops in. even safe. or are they. umpire s called inneed fly rule which means the pwaert is automatically out. that's just horrendous decision which he later said oh, yes i made a good call. the fans threw debris and protested and the protest denied. jason struck out michael a in the inning. cardinals win 6-3 and enjoy champagnand face the national in the divisionerie18ed being theinal game of jones career. >> that call right there is kind of a gray year. of i don't know. but i'm not willing to say that that particular call cost us the
9:56 pm
ball game. ultimately 3 error cost us the ball game. >> walter andrioles look to advance agnst free falling texas rangers. sanders 9 and 13 on the year good. job for the o's tonight. 5 and 2 third. struck out and mccloud to the opposite field. 2 rbi. 3-1 game. 2 more runs in the "newsnight"th. reach down and touch someone. 5-1 heading to the bottom the 9th. johnson. gets david murphy to fly out to left and the o's win 5-1. face the yankees in the al division series. giants open the division series against the reds tomorrow night. first pitch 7:30 p.m. the signature moment of the season here. per game. 16 and 5. giants were 3 and 4 head to head against the red this season. pitching pressure situation get you ready for the post season where every throw is big. >> something you can use to
9:57 pm
your advantage because post season is so much fun and you work so hard to get here all year and i think you have to really enjoy just property so he was being in this position and really take advantage of it. >>reporter: 10 years ago baker took the giants to the world series. back now guiding the reds. just had a stroke minor stroke but took time off lost weight and back playing in san francisco. >> i feel in very comfortable here. i think my team likecomid town. a lot of excitement going on around her and if you are going to get to the championship you can't bypass anybody. >>reporter: a's arrive in detroit yesterday. parker the nod to start game 1 against the tigers. f justin and parker a rookie. 13 and 8 record. later out. 2.63 and it's another rookie malone for game 2. no trouble deciding who to
9:58 pm
start. >> i think the way he's been pitching recently couple with the fact keep him on a regular routine was the final decision but we are comfortable with either. >> this last week has been about as close as post soap as it gets. we are going to continue to approach the game and play the game the same way as we did this last series and be able to slow things down and just kind of play our game as most important thing. >>reporter: the a's hot but tigers start the tvl justin 17 and 8 this year. first triple crown winner since 1967 cabrerra a.led al batting 330. 139 hib. tiger all the stars. unfamiliar a's that worry general manager leland. >> saw them not too long ago and we don't know too much about the tm him. it's a very, very good team. they are enjoying it. playing loose.
9:59 pm
having fun. very impressive. bob melvin is doing unbelievable job ivshtion all right. after retiring from swimming 18 ti olympic gol medali mhael plps wanted toocus other tngs hve fun playolfnd iscotnd is pt on thesixth le going. going going. putt is 150 feet. you wish could you do that dan. >> i do. >> 26 handy cap. dude. the the golden touch. >> he's not a great golfer amazing putt. >> that was ridiculous. michael phelps. >> can he do it three times in a row. >> he did it one time in a row that's good. >> all take that matt. >> that's this edition of 7 news. thanks for being here. for all of us, we appreciate your time as always. hope to see you in an hour over on abc see you in an hour over on abc 7. goodbye for now

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